1. Who is a micro-entrepreneur?

In accordance with the provision of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006, the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) are classified in two Classes:

  • Manufacturing Enterprises
  • Service Enterprises

The enterprise falls in micro-enterprise category if:

  • In manufacturing enterprises-the investment in plant and machinery.
  • In service enterprises the investment in equipments.

2. What is Micro-entrepreneurs (MENT) network?

Micro-entrepreneurs network (MENT) of CFTRI is a platform for micro entrepreneurs to share the knowledge towards building sustainable food processing in the tiny/cottage level. Further CFTRI would provide guidance and assistance to the micro-enterprises to explore larger avenues for achieving success in commercialization over a time.

3. Who are eligible to join the MENT network?

Entrepreneurs or enterprises involved in manufacturing of food products at a micro level

4. How one can be a part of the MENT network?

By registering in the MENT portal hosted in CSIR-CFTRI website

5. Is there any academic qualification necessary for registration?

There is no essential qualification required for applying for registration.

6. Is there any fee for registration?

Fee is not required for registration

7. What benefit will I get if I register in the MENT network?

Updates about the technologies of CFTRI would be hosted in the portal. Identified enterprises would get the opportunity to participate in workshops or technology demonstration. Further, the network would be expanded to enable networking among the entrepreneurs and experts in the field.

8. Do I get any support or assistance to resolve my issues related to food product(s) manufacture through the MENT network?

Though the network is primarily focused on creating clusters of micro enterprises initially, it would enable the networking among the entrepreneurs in the area of food processing and technology in the due course of time.

9. Whom should I contact for further information on the MENT network?

You can write to:
The Co-ordinator
Micro-entrepreneurs Network (MENT)
CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute,
Mysuru – 570 020
Email: microent@cftri.res.in